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Line 98 – Line Eggs

開発者 PixelsGame

Line 98 – Line Eggs is a interesting puzzle game very fun with color balls. Line 98 – Line Eggs or Color Line It is easy to play, but to become a master is a challenge.The goal is simple: Keep the screen as clean as possible by arranging balls of the same colors into lines to make them explode.GUIDE: In Line 98 – Line Eggs The player can move one ball per turn to remove balls by forming lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of at least five balls of the same color. If the player does form such lines of at least five balls of the same color, the balls in those lines disappear, and he gains one turn, i.e. he can move another ball. If not, three new balls are added, and the game continues until the board is full. Hope you have fun with lines puzzle game- Keep the classic gameplay from Line 98 or Color Line- Very nice Graphic- Connect with friends on facebook- Very fun with color balls- You Can play anywhere, anytime, without internet
Line 98 or Color Line is an office game for every one, not addicted, not wasting time, just relax. Someone must say that "After all of the game I played, till this time, I choose Lines 98 at the first thought when having stress in office. So, don't wait, go to play store and downnload Line 98 Standard and smooth your day life. Enjoy Lines 98, have fun !